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Simman Solicitors in London

Simman Solicitors is one of UK’s leading Law firm based in the heart of Croydon, since 2001. We not only offer our services locally but also cover nationwide to both corporate entities and private individuals.

The firm holds Specialist Quality Mark in Immigration and intends to continually maintain delivering best quality standards. The recognition of quality excellence has empowered us to welcome referrals from recognised profitable and non-profitable charitable organisations nationwide. The quality of our work is repeatedly demonstrated by the very high success rates achieved in cases that we take on.

Our team of professionals are qualified to provide the highest standards of services, commitment, communication, confidentially and respect, enabling them to guide you throughout the law and its procedures to provide the best solution to your problems whether you are an individual, a family or a business.

We take our clients very seriously and stresses the importance of providing regular updates, giving clients the assurance and support. Our aim is to always achieve positive results.

We offer Legal Aid funding in Immigration & Asylum matters for all age groups from Minors to Young Persons and for Adults subject to eligibility and criteria being met.

In case of emergencies, we offer an out of hour’s service Mondays to Fridays from 6.00pm to 9.00am and weekends, subject to availability.

Our expertise: Asylum, Human Rights and Trafficking, Immigration (All areas covered incl. Joining family & Partners, Naturalisation, Business & Investors, Detention and Bail etc..,); Commercial & Civil Litigation, Family Law, Matrimonial, Landlord & Tenants

Language to suit you: Our team understands how important it is to communicate with ease and comfort. Interpreters are available subject to availability

The Firm's Mission Statement

The firm’s main objective is to continually provide a quality standard service that meets all the legal needs of business and private clients, giving priority to client care, consistent with the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority Practice and accounts rules, Management Standard, outcome focus regulations and the Legal Service Commission Quality Assurance Standard.

The firm does not discriminate on grounds of race, colour, ethnic or natural origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion or disability in deciding whether to accept instructions from clients, instructing counsel or in the provision of its services.

The firm provides services to all groups of people and adheres to Equality and Diversity policy.

Protecting Your Data

Simman Solicitors are committed to keeping all personal data stored secure. As a firm we are required to comply with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that has come into effect in the UK on 25 May 2018. This replaces the term, but is still a part of the Data Protection Act 2018.

The Data Protection Act 2018 controls how your personal information is used as part of the services we provide. The Firm is committed to the provision of The Data Protection Act which seeks to strike a balance between the rights of individuals and the sometimes competing interests of those with legitimate reasons for using personal information. The DPA gives individuals certain rights regarding information held about them. It places obligations on those who process information (data controllers) while giving rights to those who are the subject of that data (data subjects). Personal information covers both facts and opinions about the individual. For details please see our privacy policy

Please note, that we will only use your personal data for the purposes for which we collected it, unless it is reasonably needed for another purpose for which should you require an explanation please contact us on

Our Complaint procedure

At Simman's we are committed to delivering our services to the highest standard to all of our clients.

However, if you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, we have complaint handling procedures in place to address all your concerns.

Formal complaints are dealt with promptly and professionally and we always hope to resolve them to our client’s satisfaction.

Please refer to our full Complaints procedure here.